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Connecting with your adolescent children can be simpler with this new program!

Connect is a group program for parents and other caregivers such as relatives and foster parents, who would like to find ways to improve their relationships with their preteens and teens. 

Adolescence can be a stressful time as youth strive for greater independence and yet still need the support and guidance of their parents or caregivers. Building or rebuilding stronger connections with their teens helps caregivers find new ways to effectively navigate these challenges. Connect was developed in Canada by Dr. Marlene Moretti at Simon Fraser University and has already been implemented in Canada, Europe, and now the United States.

Cost: Free 

When: Mondays, 5:30 p.m - 7:30 p.m. (dinner provided and childcare is available) 

Interested in registering? Contact Kristi for workshop dates or more information at, or call 765-423-5361 ext. 2321.

Proven Results: 

  • Parents/caregivers report feeling less stressed and more effective in parenting and see fewer behavior problems.
  • 97% of parents/caregivers felt better equipped to understand their child.
  • 95% of parents/caregivers felt better equipped to understand themselves as a parent.
  • 86% of parents/caregivers saw positive change in their relationship with their teens as a result of applying what they learned.

What happens in Connect?

Parents/caregivers meet in small groups with two trained group leaders for 90 minute session each week for 10 weeks.

Each week focuses on a new principle relate to attachment and the parent/caregiver-teen relationship.

Parents/caregivers watch role plays, engage in activities, and join discussions that help them understand and respond to challenging adolescent behavior.

We help parents/caregivers find alternatives that work for their families, since every teen relationship is different.

This is an impactful and intense workshop that strives to transform parent/caregiver-teen relationships for the long haul. 


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Happy Grandparents with grandchild.

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