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Penny Harvest

This long-running annual campaign is now focusing on the most important job in the world, PARENTING! Parenting support is needed now more than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the perfect time and a fantastic way for you to help support parents and caregivers during this social distancing period when parents and kids are home!

Our professional staff continue to equip parents with skills, tools, information and provide support to help them raise resilient children. This means children will have a strong foundation to be able to deal with the ups and downs of life more effectively. Building resilience helps them remain mentally and physically healthier throughout life. 


  • We continue to provide check-in emails to our Active Parenting and Connect program participants. This allows us to offer family support and mental health tips. Many participants have been grateful for the regular check-ins and have been relieved to hear that quarantine isn't easy for any of us, including our staff, we are working from home too!

  • We also provide additional tools and support on our Facebook group called Parent Support Super Heroes. Parents can join to find informative articles, connect with other parents, post questions they may have, find cool activities for the kids, and interact with our Healthy Families professionals.

  • Our therapists are continuing to provide counseling to our clients through video and telephone sessions.

Will you support parents and caregivers today and make your gift go the extra mile?

GIVE NOW and your gift will be matched up to $5,000 from our generous sponsor, Purdue Federal Credit Union! 

Learn how early experiences are built into our brains and effect our mental and physical health in the future.

How Brains Are Built: Core Story of Brain Development

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Happy Grandparents with grandchild.

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