Strengthening Individuals and Families Across the Lifespan

Our History

Willowstone Family Services has continued to serve the residents of Tippecanoe and surrounding counties for over 55 years. Originally known as the Family Services Agency of Tippecanoe County, our agency was formed in 1964 after the United Way and Mental Health Association conducted a community needs assessment and recognized the lack of family advocacy agencies available. 

The pressing demand for effective community planning and advocacy for families was evident and encouraged the implementation of programs and services including caseworkers, counseling and referral services to assist families with obtaining support and life skills. The agency was incorporated in 1975 and changed its name to Family Services, Inc. to reflect expansion of programs into surrounding counties. Throughout our history we have offered various programs and services to adjust to the needs of the communities we serve. 

In 2015 we re-branded to Willowstone Family Services, Incorporated. Today we offer parent and child development programs and services, parenting classes, teen substance abuse prevention classes, counseling, and employee assistance to local businesses. Our mission to strengthen individuals and families across the lifespan has remained unchanged since we began in 1964. Our goal of strengthening families remains intact with programs and services that serve individuals and families in our community throughout their lives. We are dedicated to providing important services to our community for many generations to come!

Why Willowstone?

“Willowstone” is a metaphor for how we help our clients and their families achieve mental health, strength, and support within the family. Willow trees are often found growing along a waterbed, because their need for ample amounts of water. Willows will often grow in the direction of any water, and the roots of the tree will automatically seek out the water-rich, softened soil. Solid stones along a waterbed give the ever growing, flexible roots something stable to hold on to helping the beautiful tree grow tall, stable and strong. Like a Willow tree anchored by stones, programs at Willowstone Family Services create a foundation of support for the growth of individuals and families who are seeking what they need to flourish throughout life.

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