Strengthening Individuals and Families Across the Lifespan

Board of Directors

2019 Officers

Mark Sweval, President - Development, Finance/Audit Committee

Julie Cole, Vice President - Development Committee

Rosie Gonzalez, Secretary/Treasurer - Finance/Audit Committee

Daphene Koch - SEMI Representative

Debbie Elsner

Melissa Grabner-Hagen

Mary Helen Halsema - Development Committee

Julie Littlewood - Development Committee, Cinderella Ball Committee

Josh Read - Finance/Audit Committee

Matt Rhoda

Jenni Murtaugh, Executive Director

  • Insight - Teen Drug Prevention Program




    Willowstone Family Services, Howarth Center, 615 N. 18th Street, Suite 101, Lafayette, IN 47904

    What is Insight?

    Insight is a five week early intervention program for youth in grades 7-12 who are using and/or abusing alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

    Next FREE Class Begins:

    Thursday, June 6 

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  • Active Parenting Classes




    Willowstone Family Services 

    An evidenced based video & discussion program for parents of children of all ages to give parents the opportunity for a fuller and more satisfying family life, while helping children achieve greater happiness and success.

    Next Classes Start:

    June 25th 

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